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Tyba is a poetry movement of Two young and Vibrant poets namely Kumi William DuBois Y.S (koo Kumi) and Andrews Nana Yirenkyi (Nana Yeirenkyi). They do spoken word and Poetry. 


We have been performing at cool places, radio stations and other joints of the art. Our recent performance was at the 6th Ehalakasa Festival. You can contact us on Facebook, Twitter and in our Mail.

Tyba Poetry on Facebook, @tybapoetry on Twitter, and tybapoetry@gmail.com

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we perform on Christmas, Valentine, Funerals, Talk Shows and any other entertaining and educative programs.  

at the Ehalakasa Festival Osu Smoothy  

IN MY DREAMS Nightmares, Owls and bats are flying here and there I open my eyes in distress to stare To stare at the owls and bats of the evenings Nightmares Nightmares, On sunny afternoons when my tools Are at rest and my tired body also at rest I sleep and dream vultures painting the skies black Nightmares Nightmares, In my dreams I see my dwelling place in a mess Yester night I saw the downfall of Sodom and it sister Gomorrah I ask were lies their right Nightmares Nightmares, This is during the ruling time of the sun Still I see horrible images Still I read disgusting pages Nightmares Nightmares, Is it only me who suffer the sight of birth of this nightmares Or you also do? Or is it a sign of the end time, hmmmmm Nightmares Nightmares Is this a nightmare or just palpable madness? It has to stop it is not an act of cleanliness So Odomankoma won’t you stop this craziness Nightmares Nightmares Why should the beads of a sterner sex be felt by a sterner sex Why the nipples of a woman should be played with by a woman I will pretend to be blind and deaf but I can’t be dump Nightmares Nightmares Should the manhood pass through the anus Where toilet passes If you can do this then you can eat from your anus Nightmares Nightmares I invoke Odomankoma, Allah, the uncountable gods of our land I pray and fast, I chant incantations, I pour libation with tears I wait in the church, in the mosque and in the shrine for wonders Nightmares I pray thee to burn all descendants of Sodom and Gomorrah And all those who shield them

Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our fans, and just plain have fun. We are excited to be performing weekly and hope to see you soon at a show – take a look at our calendar, or just drop us a line.


                   Messages to Tyba crew after Performances

"the magnificent duo."-- Slam Ghana,1st Edition Winner, Accra Ghana, National theater

"you are an inspiration, let the spirit of our ancestors flow through you." -- Oya Kali, USA, California 

" You are the stars of the future"--- Ami Quist, Accra, Ghana

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